Happy new year from all of us at the british gift co!

Well Hello There...

We are a boutique gifting service, dedicated to the thrill of giving and receiving.

We are so pleased you're joining us to support British-made produce.

In fact, The British Gift Co. is built on support, no, love, for quality British goods. And a love of gifts, of course. Who doesn’t love a good gift?

But not just any old gift.

Our gifts tell a story, a story of British passion, determination and innovation. Our gifts go beyond the two-way relationship between the gift giver and receiver. Buying British also supports the local economy, promotes sustainability and rewards small businesses.

And that’s what we’re about.

But It's Not About Us, Really

No, it’s about the fantastic suppliers behind the products that make our gift collections truly unique. They are passionate about what they do and it’s so apparent in every bite, every smell and every taste. Trust us, we test everything ourselves. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.

Some of our suppliers create their products in their own home kitchens. Some have kept alive family recipes, handed down over generations. Some bravely traded in well paid careers to follow their dream. All are brilliant, talented and motivated which we think is infectious. A little bit like the joy of receiving and giving gifts.

We could talk about them all day. In fact, we do here and here. Oh and here quite a bit too.

Meet The Boss

This is Toby. He makes sure we’re all working away, in between having a good ol’ chew and half attempted bark at the delivery driver.