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It’s hard to believe we’re coming up to Father’s Day, 2021. That means it’s nearly halfway through the year, which means it’s also nearly Summer, which means…

Well, who knows actually?

Here in the UK, the coronavirus pandemic is still preventing us from making meaningful future plans. For many of us, we may still be unable to see our Fathers when the day comes which is just a bit rubbish really.

In the face of so much uncertainty, there is one thing we can at least control: a quality, thoughtful gift for him to receive on his special day.

Whatever the word “Father” means to you, whether he is your Father figure, a relative you look up to, someone you respect or the Father of your children, we will help you find a unique and special gift this Father’s Day.

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What Gift Shall I Get Him This Father’s Day?

Now, the Dads who are harder to buy for are those who might not have a particular hobby, or Dads who seem to have everything already.

Then, there are the Dads who, really rather unhelpfully, say they want nothing at all. Maybe they’re trying to be helpful and ease the financial pressure that comes with gifting. But, really, no prezzies at all make for a bit of a lacklustre occasion and we don’t want that...

There are certainly more obvious Father-types to buy for which makes the hunt for a perfect gift a lot easier! If he does have a certain hobby - maybe golf or gardening or even fast cars - that can provide giftspiration for years to come.

For my dad it’s cycling. Although, I think he is actually running out of space for the bike-themed knickknacks I keep giving him for birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day - you name it.

Once you have a theme for someone, it’s tricky to deviate away from it. And if you have no idea at all, it takes the fun right out of gift-giving.

So, what are we getting at?

For a great Father’s Day gift, don’t be afraid to think outside the box (shameful and slightly intentional gift pun, sorry!).

Surprise him with something unique and exciting – something he wouldn’t have bought for himself. Buy him a gift that introduces him to new experiences, different tastes and interesting stories.

We’re here to help you do exactly that. Even better, our gift sets present some of the finest local food and drink producers in the UK.

So, not only will your Father’s Day gift introduce him to tasty snacks and alcohols he may not have tried, but it also supports local business and is rooted in heritage, too.

A gift that is a new sensory experience, brings people together and gets people talking is…

Well, it’s the reason we do what we do!

Read on for some inspiring gift ideas for the special ‘Dad’ in your life, whoever he may be…

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Beer Gift Set for Him – The Bachelor

Our beer gift set is a nod to our Yorkshire roots, with the Leeds-based and strikingly cool Northern Monk cans taking centre stage.

Beer gift set for dad

Our beer gift also presents the revolutionary Crumbs Brewing’s Bloomin Amber Lager to try. The Surrey-based brewery make their delicious ales with leftover Artisan bread, handmade in the bakery down the road.

To make this the ultimate treat for Dad, we’ve added plenty of bar-style snacks from Savoursmith’s deliciously moreish crisps, to the meaty and moreish Made for Drink goodies.

A great value gift when you want to make him smile without breaking the bank.

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Rum Gift Sets for Him

We can’t get enough of Burning Barn Rum and that’s why they feature in several of our Rum-based gift sets.

The craft spirit brand was founded after their barn tragically burned down several years ago but this only spurred the team on to make themselves a success story.

The Ruminator – Rum Miniature ‘Taster’ Gift Set

Perfect for a middle budget gift that offers plenty to try and taste. Featuring the vibrant and delicious Artisan Drinks Company Ginger Beer and Cola.

The Merchant – Rum Gift Hamper with Bar Snacks and Truffles

An extra special gift, guaranteed to make his day and go ‘wow’. Featuring a full size Burning Barn Rum and a taster of Yorkshire’s Priory Rum to really get a feel for the talented craft rum scene in England.

This gift is beautifully presented in a black wicker hamper that he’ll be able to keep, long after Father’s Day has passed. He wont be able to resist those Charbonnel et Walker Truffles either and we can’t guarantee he’ll share!

More Rum gift boxes

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Vodka Gift Sets for Him

You might think it’s best to leave Vodka to the Russians and I certainly wouldn’t want to argue!

I can tell you that the UK Vodka scene is a growing one and it’s set to be something special.

The Curator – Vodka Gift Set with Cola and Bar Snacks & Sweets

This gift features London-based Sapling Vodka – an exciting brand which plants a tree every time a bottle is sold.

Dad will be able to see which tree he has planted using the number on the lid while he kicks back and relaxes with the rest of his proudly UK manufactured goodies.

More Vodka Gift Sets

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Gin Gift Sets for Him

Gin has been the ‘flavour of the month’ for a while now and this trend is set to stick around.

We have so many small batch and Artisan gin producers right here in the UK and we’re so excited to be able to introduce you to their innovative contributions to the gin scene.

Let’s start with Cooper King, who recently have taken centre stage as the UK’s first ever carbon-negative gin distillery.

The Bronte - Best of Yorkshire Gin Hamper

A gin gift set that actually gives back to small business and the environment?! If ever we needed more reasons to gin, these would be high up there! This gift is also our ‘Best of Yorkshire’ hamper. So, if Dad is missing a taste of ‘home’ comforts, then this is perfect for him!

More gin gift hampers

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Mixed Alcohol Gift Set for Him

Let’s be honest, a gift full of booze goes down well with most Dads, doesn’t it? This gift box is our tasting box of alcohol minis.

The Tippler - Mini Alchohol Tasting Gift

Featuring, a Priory rum, Sapling Vodka and Shakespeare Distillery Rhubarb Gin, we’re giving Dad a taste of the amazing small batch distilleries that the UK has to offer.

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We hope we’ve helped with the hunt for a deliciously boozy and meaningful gift for Dad this Father’s Day.

Don’t forget, we have next day delivery options available at checkout! (Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us…)

Above all, whoever “Dad” is to you, we hope you have a lovely day together – however that may be.

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